Walking Ware

A Collector's Guide

a Walking Ware Publication

a complete guide to Walking Ware by Julia Michell, this paperback has a full colour design
list showing all the Walking Ware items up to 2007 carefully photographed for easy
identification accompanied by articles on the designers, the history of the design, full record
of all the backstamps, dates, sizes, colourways and hints on identification.

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The Walking Ware a Rick Films DVD

Richard Parrington interviews the 3 people who were key to the rise and success of the Walking Ware phenomenon in the nineteen seventies                               see guided tour for details


www.lustre.co.uk the website of the designer/maker   enquiries @ rogermichell.co.uk

www.decorativearts.net walking ware pottery and other

www.walkingwarepottery.co.uk walking ware pottery